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That hits me too. Every single week. I'm only comforted by the fact that josh said that he thinks sarah does get her memory back slowly because you can't actually lose memories. They can only be repressed. so that makes me feel a little better because it means that with every memory sarah gets back, her bond with chuck will be stronger because she'll re-live some of the best and worse moments with him and that will make them closer than ever before.

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That comforted me a lot, thank you!

she remembered irene the computer virus !


so you’ve all probably seen this picture




well, i don’t know the girl in the “don’t support fag marriages” picture, but i did come across this:


and i feel really bad that she’s getting so much hate for a simple misunderstanding. i’m not tumblr famous or anything, so this probably won’t go too well, but i’m trying to get the word out because i feel bad for this girl. thanks

Signal boost the fuck out of this, someone who didn’t do anything wrong doesn’t deserve hate. 


Can we all just make a promise




Can we all just promise right now to never be the people to harass the actors of Castle, or any show about ANYTHING. We have the right to have an opinion but some of them should never reach their ears. The actors have a right to like or dislike and do what ever they want to. Some members of this fandom need to learn to show respect.

I promise!! They’re people too. They deserve to live unhindered just like everyone else.




“oh, there are pictures.. I keep them where I need the most cheering up.”

For those who don’t know the story behind this:

Before Maggie was born, Homer Simpson worked at the Nuclear Plant because he needed the money to pay for all the debt. Once Homer Simpson finally payed the debt, he quit his job to work at his dream job at the bowling alley. When Homer Simpson found out that Marge was pregnant with Maggie, he became depressed that he had to quit his job at the bowling alley because the salary couldn’t support them. When Homer Simpson begged Mr. Burns for his old life back, he put a plaque that reads “Don’t Forget: You’re Here Forever.” When Maggie was born, Homer instantly fell in love with her. When Lisa asked Homer where did all Maggie’s baby pictures went, Homer explains that he keeps it where he needs it the most.

i cant handle this